Sandra Mbuvi hints at potentially following Sonko into politics

"I watch every step you take, and I try to take every step you take," Sandra told her father.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe and Geoffrey Mbuthia

• The beauty said she is always close to her father despite being young but she feels her confidence is growing.

Mike Sonko with his daughter Sandra Mbuvi.
Image: Instagram/Sandra Mbuvi

Sandra Mbuvi, the daughter of businessman and politician Mike Sonko has hinted that at one point in her life she might throw herself into the pool of politics.

Sandra uploaded a picture with her father and said that she follows in her father's footsteps very closely and that she wants to be like him in everything - a sign that she might try politics too.

The daughter who said the other day that she has never been a passenger in a public transport car in her entire life said that she is trying her best to do everything as her father has been doing.

"In all the things I try to do, I want to do them just like you, I’m watching every move you make, and I’m trying to take each step you take," Sandra wrote her dad.

The beauty added that her confidence increases mightily when she is by her father's side.

"Although I’m still your little girl , when I’m with you I feel ten feet tall, like you Happy Valentine's ❤️🥰," she said.

Sonko responded to his daughter with lots of love emojis, a sign that he has no issues with her notions and desires.

Sandra isn't the only child of the former Nairobi governor who has hinted at joining politics. Saumu, Sandra's oldest sister said in 2021 that she would vie in last year's general election as a Women's Rep.

Speaking to Radio Jambo, Saumu said her dad is her best mentor and she will always do things that she feels are inspired by him.

"I want to join politics like my dad and actually, I will vie for woman representative the next General Election," she said.

When asked what different she would do differently as a woman representative, Saumu listed her priorities.

"I will make sure mental health is taught in all schools. We do not want to have these cases of children killing parents or each other," she said.

"Sanitary pads have to be given out for free. I will basically do things that will be of help to the girls, which will be a good thing."

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