Linet Toto's fiance' allegedly has another family (Screenshots)

Linet Toto's fiance Godfrey Kimutai alias Nifty Kim was allegedly married and with kids.

• Toto described her bae as her one in a million after the proposal.

Linet Toto engaged.
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Bomet County Women Rep, Linet Toto's fiancé Godfrey Kimutai alias Nifty Kim was allegedly married and with kids.

This is according to social media reports shared after he proposed to the county women's rep during Valentine's day.

Facebook posts of Kimutai allegedly admitting to having children have emerged on social media. The screenshots are from a post he allegedly commented on 8 years ago.

According to a social media user identified as Rotich Generali, Kim was married to a teacher and had three children with her.

"The wife of Kim is still in shock about her husband. She is surprised that while she was at school teaching. Kim lied to her that he was traveling for an interview in Nairobi. Only to see him proposing to Linet...," he wrote.

Responding to one of the fans who asked if the kids were his, Kim said:

"Yes, they are my lovely kids and I had taken them to Mau forest tour."

Another fan asked him about the kids' mother's whereabouts and Kim told him:

"Don't ask me about their mother."

Commenting on one of his sons Kim said he would be a manager like him.

"... of course, just like his father, he would be a manager I suppose."

However, in one of his posts during the campaign period in July 2022, Kim shared on Facebook that he was praying for victory.

"I pray for her victory, with or without me. I wanna see her on top." followed by a love emoji. reached out to Bomet women Rep Linet on phone but she did not respond to calls. Toto described her bae as her one in a million after the proposal.

"And I finally said YES... Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart I love you... Congrats you are one in a million may God be with us on this journey. I love you, sweetheart," she wrote.

Linet went on to promise to be an extraordinary one who can always make her bae laugh and see the world with her.

"It's a new life chapter GOLDEN GILDED CAGE where we tied the knot. The vehement passion in oblivion, Reminiscences of the glorious moments shall never fade. You've permeated my soul like a labyrinthian. Your love reverberates and permeates inquietude in delirium and perturbs my solitude in an imperium...From today till the end of time, I confront you as my KING in a magnificent camaraderie of my heart... I will make all your days feel like adventure... Innumerable aspirations may we succeed...May we walk miles and miles hand in hand. God bless us."

Check out the screenshots;

Kim previous chats
Kim previous chats
Image: courtesy

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