'Sitafanya ile kitu...' Mp Salasya curiously says to Linet Toto's engagement

Linet Toto is dating Godfrey Kimutai Tonui, aka Nifty Kim.

•  Bomet Women rep Linet Toto is now off the market after she got engaged on Valentine's day.

Mumias East MP,Peter Salasya reacts to Linet Toto's engagement.

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has congratulated Bomet woman representative Linet Chepkorir alias 'Toto' after her engagement.

Toto is now off the market after she got engaged on Valentine's day. She is dating Godfrey Kimutai Tonui, aka Nifty Kim.

Salasya now says;

"Yes yes young gal has done it honorably congratulations Linet Chepkorir sasa sitafanya ile kitu but ka heshima tu kidogo kwa baba Raila na tutakuwa marafiki wakubwa tena sana sawa... All the best harusi lazima nikuje sasa," Salasya posted on his official Twitter handle.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya
Image: Courtesy

While speaking during an Azimio rally in Busia on Sunday, February 12, Salasya threatened to impregnate Toto over the remarks she made about Raila.

"Alafu wale vijana vidogo ambao wanatusi Baba, kuna kengine kalichaguliwa kama hakana pesa kama Peter Salasya kanaitwa Toto. Kanaongea ati kwa Baba, ntakaweka mimba huko next week," Salasya said. 

Taking to social media, Toto described her bae as her one in a million.

"And I finally said YES.... Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart I love you... Congrats you are one in a million may God be with us on this journey. I love you, sweetheart ," she wrote.

Linet went on to promise to be an extraordinary one who can always make her bae laugh and see the world with.

"It's a new life chapter GOLDEN GILDED CAGE where we tied the knot. The vehement passion in oblivion, Reminiscences of the glorious moments shall never fade. You've permeated my soul like a labyrinthian. Your love reverberates and permeates inquietude in delirium and perturbs my solitude in an imperium...From today till the end of time, I confront you as my KING in a magnificent camaraderie of my heart... I will make all your days feel like adventure... Innumerable aspirations may we succeed...May we walk miles and miles hand in hand. God bless us."

According to social media 'in-laws,' the man has since been identified as Godfrey Kimutai.

He is a banker and a businessman in Bomet county. On his Facebook page, he said shared a Bible verse saying God will make everything perfect in His own time.

"Isiah 60:22. He Will perfect it His own time. Says the Lord."

Linet Toto engaged.
Image: Courtesy

Check out some of the comments after the proposal photos went viral below;

@LennyBrighton1·16hHii imekuja nyumbani! Congratulations Geoffrey Tanui(Nifty Kim) and my Women Rep Bomet County Hon. Linet Toto. Welcome to Konoin Constituency a beautiful land with great people. Lapaa Taa.

@OgaObinna: Linet Toto next time mtu akipropose lia.

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