Senator Gloria Orwoba's stained trousers divides Kenyans

The nominated senator was kicked out of parliament for wearing short sleeves

Piece by: Millicent Atieno

• The female lawmaker claimed that she was on her menstrual cycle, which was why her white trouser was stained.

• the senator went to the senate dressed in a white suit stained with period blood 

Gloria Orwoba.
Image: The-Star

On  14th February 2023, UDA-nominated senator Gloria Orwoba went to the senate dressed in a white suit stained with period blood and was kicked out of parliament due to that which she termed as a period stigma.

After she was thrown out, the female lawmaker claimed that she was on her menstrual cycle, which was why her white trouser was stained.

She further went ahead to explain the reason behind the stained suit claiming that she was on her period, describing the stain as the result of “a natural accident".

It also emerged that Gloria started a motion on free sanitary towels to end period poverty than giving out condoms for free.

"The motion seeks to facilitate the provision of feminine hygiene products in all public schools, ensure that all schools that don't have bathrooms that facilitate privacy, cleanliness or proper disposal of hygiene products are properly equipped, create awareness and take advocacy measures on reproductive health issues related to period poverty," the statement indicated. 

On Twitter, Kenyans went ahead to express how they felt about the matter and it was just mixed reactions.

Some went ahead to support Gloria while others like Boni Khalwale went ahead to lecture the senator saying;

"We, do not allow this Senate to be defined by the immaturity and excitement of just a few potatoes. I saw you were pained about how you would speak on the issue of menstruation that was being conversed on the floor of the House. It should never happen again." 

Adding, "We know our girls are suffering because of the challenges of poverty due to menstruation, but at the same time, we also have Kenyans who are suffering because they don't have toilets. So are you going to expect a male senator to come here having defecated on himself and walking on stools to show that people don't have toilets? 

Other reactions from Kenyans are below;

Replying to @GabrielBuule  Even when having serious sudden diarrhea, you will never meet someone on the streets with clothes stained with shit... This is irresponsible and unnecessary drama.

  Diana@dianaruby62 It's not even real menstruation blood. She's just sending out a message. you guys don't know how uncomfortable that is.. you can never last for a minute

Ramsdale @Alottotake·2hbAbrupt showing up of the periods is uncomfortable especially when you are putting on bright colors, but since she intended to show up even after they showed up because of her own reasons, I think she wasn't uncomfortable.

AndrOn Replying to @GabrielBuuleStunt and clout chasing. White trousers? Leaving through the front door to be photographed instead of the toilet to do damage control? Stain flowing straight down instead of behind if she was sitting?

Godfrey Begumisa@GodfreyBegumis2 It might be over the board but nonetheless.

@BCheromoi It was stained with paint to highlight the plight of girls without sanitary pads! Check your source again!

Ahm@MuhamadAhmadAb1 Its not about the stain. Its about giving free pads to the needy

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