'Kama mwanamke hana kitambi, labda hapendwi!' Millicent Omanga declares

The politician is well-known for her voluptuous figure

• The politician made her cheeky post that garnered a lot of reactions online.

Millicent Omanga.
Image: Instagram

Former senator Millicent Omanga has caused a hullabaloo online after her latest post on her popula Facebook page.

In her post, the mom of one cheekily opined that a woman without a pot belly might not be in a loving relationship.

"Mwanamke bila kitambi labda hupendwi ama haushibi," (A woman without a pot belly might not be loved or doesn't get satiated)

Her post was accompanied by a series of photos of the politician with a group of women in an unknown location, something that her fans and followers ignored considering the statement she had just made.

The comments section was divided with Kenyans expressing different opinions. Read some of them below;

Robert Ronoo If your stomach folds twice when you sit, you're a qualified sugarmummy

Nelson Harun Where I come from, when a married woman puts on weight, she is happy and well fed in marriage. If she loses weight, we conclude she is unhappy and starving in marriage. I support.

Ikoku Chacha Lobuin Pambana na hali yako Mhesh in my tribe we call such women tanakimuje... uuuuuuf

Mosz Nduvah Nduvah How do you have bedminton with that belly my sweetheart 

Gachigi Wa Mwaura The problem comes in during.....i mean during..... during the holy act, lazima ipandishwe juu kama ngunia ya waru ikiekwa kwa lorry uko nyandarua

Cheruiyot Linus Chepkwony Flat Tammy is sweet,, wajana na kitambi which is giving us hard time during...

Her post comes a few days after the curvaceous high profile figure had caused a ruckus online with her new short hairstyle, something that turned out to be some great photoshop.

Either way she seems to be having the time of her life away from the hustle and bustle of siasa.

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