Sisi sio wajinga! Kenyans tell Sakaja about look-alike boy (photo)

The politician named the unknown child as a future governor

Piece by: Samuel Maina and Geoffrey Mbuthia

• It was alleged that the first-term governor had offered to pay her school fees until university.

• Sakaja announced that he would like to meet the child face to face so that they can get to know each other better.

Johnson Sakaja with his look-alike.
Image: Twitter

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja couldn't contain his joy after netizens recognized a little boy who looks very similar to the politician.

A poster of a young boy with the same facial appearance as Sakaja was circulating on social media with the caption it claiming that the first-term governor had offered to pay for his school fees until university.

"Sakaja has taken in a needy student, and promised to pay his school fees till university," the poster with a picture of the boy in school uniform read.

While responding, the former senator shared his joy and mirth while noting that Kenyans are a very creative lot.

After that, the politician announced that he would like to meet the child face to face to get to know each other better.

In his message, the politician referred to the unknown child as a future governor.

"Nairobians! nawapenda sana. Too creative. I’d actually want to meet this future Governor. Connect?"

Many Kenyans who read his Twitter post joked that the boy was the governor's and that he was playing the dullard.

Check out some of those hilarious comments below;

Mud Fish @mudfishKenya· Unajifanya hukajui

Vincent Nguna@Munyash87· Kufanana kama Shillingi kwa ya pili brathe

CharlieCharles@CZooming· Mama yake ako kwa blocked contact zako mhesh

Joseph Muraya@MrMuraya· Junior?

KAlinur Mohamed@AlinurMohamed_ Who is the mother Gov

A̶n̶t̶i̶d̶o̶t̶e̶@btw_its_fidel· Who's the mother cause we can clearly see who the father is

Edward Wanjiru@EdwardWanjiru Watu sio wachinga buanaa

Omwando™@Omwand_o· Aii unafikiria hatujui wew ndio ulipea Shiro huyu mtoto210

wiseman@juliusjavin Do you want to adopt your old self?

KK.O.T PRESIDENT@kimondo_paul· Hii hata hatufanyi dna,wahenga na wadadisi tumekubaliana huyu ni wako,the smile the nose hair line eyeblows,....meeen isiruke hii

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