DP Gachagua was a musician at Koinange Street

Gachagua was once in the entertainment industry.

• Gachagua was a dance song musician at one of the famous clubs in the city.

• Gachagua said a sit down with club owners is better that closing down the facilities.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday revealed he was once in the entertainment industry.

Speaking on Inooro TV, the DP talked of his experience as a musician at one of the famous clubs in the city.

"I was once a dance songs musician at Dolce club on Koinange street," he said.

Gachagua spoke about his past while proposing how clubs would still operate in residential areas without being closed down.

"The club was soundproofed such that you could hear no noise from outside. Remember that the bar owners are parents who also need to continue with their businesses to meet their daily bread.

Hold a meeting with them and agree on a period which will be suitable for them to install soundproofs in these bars," he said.

In a past interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Gachagua said he loved Mugiithi songs and his hobbies include keeping fit.

"I like walking early in the morning and I combine it with politics," he said.

"I walk to see friends and relatives in the morning. That is how I visit my relatives. I love listening to Mugiithi's old songs and reading novels, and I also like hosting parties for my friends and relatives."

He said his favourite Mugiithi songs are from Salim Junior and Noah Maina.

"I have a band and Noah Maina comes to where I am to play Mugiithi for me. 'Mwendwa Lucy' is my favourite song," he said.

Gachagua is married to Pastor Dorcas Rigathi for 35 years, with whom he has two sons.

He said his wife found him in politics and she likes it.

"I was in student politics when we met. I have been in politics all my life, just that I didn't have an elective position," he said.

"She came into my life knowing very well who I am and she likes what I do."

His favourite destination in Kenya is Nyeri, while his favourite meal is Mukimo and vegetables.

"I like a lot of roasted maize and boiled maize. I have that all the time," he said.

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