Babu Owino advises parents to spend enough time with their children

• Hon Babu said he is only the head of the family but has left his wife to manage the home.

• He is a husband to Frida Muthoni and a father to his children

Babu Owino.
Image: Instagram

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was recently interviewed about his family.

Some of the things he discussed is the importance of education.

Speaking to KTN's Art of Living program, Hon Babu said he is only the head of the family but has left his wife to manage the home.

"I am the head of the family but my wife is the rest of the body of the family. The head can't function without the other parts of the body," he said.

He said he is inspired to bring up children coz he is a product of education.

"Were it not for education, I would still be in the village. I would not be a member of parliament. Education is an equalizer and a weapon when used well then success is guaranteed."

Asked who disciplines the children, Babu said he is just a normal parent.

"I am a loving husband and a responsible dad to my kids," he said.

"A child is what you make them be. They learn from what they see and not what they hear. Two thing you need to give your children is time. You have to discipline them also."

About the colors of his house, Babu said white generally means peaceful.

Describing another colour in his home, mhesh Babu said it represented dependability and increased his appetite.

He added that grey shows neutral and so after hustling out there, I come and relax here.

Asked if his wife loved the colour themes of their home, Babu said his wife likes them although her favourite was color pink.

How much liberty he gives his wife in terms of making decisions at home, Babu said he gave her a house and she made a home.

She is the CEO of that house.

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