Ledama Ole Kina unleashes secret to his soft smooth legs

The senator said he was receiving lots of questions some crazy over what he uses on his feet

• Ledama is Narok county's senator.

• He said he was revealing his secret due to the overwhelming messages he was receiving.

Ledama Ole Kina.
Image: The-Star

Narok county's senator honourable Ledama Ole Kina is currently trending on Twitter due to a picture of his flawless leg. Yes, you read that correctly.

Sharing a photo from a previous TV interview that he had taken part of where his hairless, spotless and incredibly smooth legs were in clear view as he was dressed in traditional Maasai shukas, the senator went on to reveal that he was getting overwhelming messages with netizens expressing their curiosity over how he had such flawless feet.

Honestly looking at the picture I'm also surprised. It is like he never played outside as a child! I mean what is an amazing childhood without scars, especially around the knee areas? How will you tell stories of the adventures you took part in?

The senator's smooth feet have attracted a lot of attention online
Ledama Ole Kina. The senator's smooth feet have attracted a lot of attention online
Image: Instagram

It seems scars and stories aren't on Ledama's top priority list, flawless skin is.

"Too many direct messages (DM's) some genuine, some gaga (crazy)! Due to this, let me reveal and hopefully it will help some...." started off the senator before he went on to reveal the secret to his silky smooth legs.

On his official twitter account Ledama shared a video of a hemp cream that he claims is the secret to his skin.

"Here is what I use for my legs..." Ledama wrote as he showed off the moisturising body butter that he claims to use.

The packaging reads that the cream contains shea butter, sweet almond and mango. (Quite an interesting combination)

Also, I should mention that his fingers just like his feet look surprisingly good and his nails are well manicured. You can tell he is a man who takes a few extra minutes to take care of himself and his hygiene.

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