Sen. Ledama's curious proposal animates Kenyans

Ledama Olekina suggested that the building be set up in Mosiro ward

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Senator Ledama asked that the government sells its properties in Nairobi and use a fraction of the money to build a parliament building in Narok County.

• Ledama also suggested that the ideal place the site would go up, Mosiro ward, which he described as a desert.

Senator Ledama Olekina
Image: The-Star

Narok senator Ledama Olekina has caused a stir online after he proposed to construct a parliament building in Kajiado.

His plan was quite confusing, with the politician asking the parliament of Kenya to sell some of its assets in Nairobi so as to decongest the city.

He also noted that part of the returns would be used to build a parliament building in Narok County.

Ledama also suggested the ideal place the site would go up was Mosiro ward, which he described as a desert.

"Parliament of Kenya should sell all its expensive buildings decongest Nairobi then use a fraction of its proceeds to build a parliament city in Kajiado/ Narok county - preferably Mosiro Ward which is a desert.  We can drive to the city Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to debate." Ledama wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Ledama Olekina.
Image: The-Star

Kenyans on Twitter shared their views on Mheshimiwa's sentiments as they said,

Gacikira Titus: How does parliament selling it's buildings decongest the city bwana Senator?

Seroney Abdullahi HSC@: The government should Otherwise relocate to Isiolo which is the central part of c Kenya

Lotte: Nonsense. But a very convenient distance for the Sen...

alvin ngigi muhia: Why debate in the city.. u can as well debate from mosiro

Andrew.™: There's a Reason Nairobi County is the Capital of Kenya.

samuelnjehu: Before you talk of cities acquit yourself with modalities for urbanization

mwangi Charles: Do you have a background connection with mosiro? It seems so

Mark Sonko: You're funny. It's as if when sold they will be taken to a different place kumbe zitabaki mahali ziko.

Bo$$: The Nairobi blueprint was to move some government offices to Ngong or did that change.

Person Of Interest(: Donate from your net are rich

Farooq Mohamed:  our next president, it should be in our manifesto, these are some of the programmes to begin with the moment you become our next president come 2027.

L.Arch. WO.OMINDE: why do you need a satellite city for legislative administration and still hold on to being in the capital?

CiTi Tiger: Zako zimeshika aje mapema hivo....

Trey:Then again you would increase your fuel and travel allowance

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