• Karen did not specify how soon her plan would be executed.

• Karen has three children so far; two girls and a boy.

The nominated senator wants another child
Karen Nyamu. The nominated senator wants another child
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu wants to expand her family. The mother of three indicated that she is not done having children.

In a message on her Instagram stories, the mother of three indicated that her ovaries are twerking after sharing a cute video of her youngest child.

Her youngest is the daughter of Mugiithi singer, Samidoh. She added that having kids comes with a lot of unexpected work.

"Having a baby in your home is one of life's biggest blessings," Karen remarked.

Karen hinted at feeling broody and wanting another kid. "I need one last one nifunge mchezo," she stated.

Also showing her nanny holding baby her child, the politician gushed, "Karembo ni karembo".

She vowed to protect her kids at all costs. "Nothing will ever come between us, that’s my promise to you and your siblings," in a hearty post

Karen has been enjoying her journey in parenting after having 3 kids with two different fathers.

In an additional video on Friday with her second born-a boy with Samidoh, Karen said that her son is playful.

He could be heard in a video calling his mum by her government name, as she laughed at how bold he is.

A week ago, Karen shared a video of her last born after a doctor's visit. Fans noted how she closely resembled the mugiithi singer.

Some of those comments are below;

magdalyne_akinyiHer father's daughter the resemblance

vostekeshMa ngai gaka ni sammi mutheri😂

chemutainancy2012Naona muimbi mhesh😂

zynabmarikiWatoi wa samidoh macho ufanana

naomiendunguAki uyu ni samidoh mutheri weuh hapo ilichapwa 8/10

huldamutuneSamidos copy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The UDA politician was recently in a fiery exchange online about being called a husband snatcher.  She unashamedly admitted that she was a husband snatcher writing,

"Hello mwizi wa mabwana za watu (Hello husbands snatcher)," Mercy Ramsey commented on Karen Nyamu post.

"Ni bwana si mabwana. Rudia vizuri sasa," Karen boldly retorted.

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