• Kanze met with both the president and her successor at the State Department.

• The mom of two had nothing but good words to say to her replacement as he begins his work.

Kanze Dena with Hussein Mohamed at State House.
Image: Instagram

Kanze Dena was always classy when she worked as the State House spokesperson and is still the same way as she leaves the office she held with distinction.

The mom of impressed Kenyans with beautiful images with the new president William Ruto and her replacement, Hussein Mohamed.

Using her Instagram stories, Kanze could be seen heartily laughing as she shook Hussein's hand for the final goodbyes. 

Kanze Dena greeting William Ruto.
Image: Instagram

In another photo, she is seen walking with Ruto at the state house with the two finally shaking hands.

Kanze Dena greeting Hussein Mohamed.
Image: Instagram

Her caption held no malice as she wished her successor Hussein all the best in a role that she had executed patriotically.

"Forever grateful...Yaweh. Thank you, H.E William Ruto..for facilitating a smooth transition @husseinmohamedg Kaka kazi kwako...natambua uwezo wako @emmanueltalam Mwalimu... Nasema asante. This can only be Favour... Baba nina kushukuru." 

Kanze has been in a sharing spirit the past month, even releasing her never before seen wedding photos.

Before that, the former Citizen TV presenter had posted a heartfelt message celebrating former president Uhuru Kenyatta, her husband, family and friends on leaving her popular job.

For Uhuru she said;

"Let me take this opportunity to thank; His Excellency the retired President Uhuru Kenyatta for the opportunity  to serve in His administration....Many  Valuable lessons I take with me."

For her hubby she noted that her husband has had to play the role of mum and dad as she worked and adored him for this.

"A special thank you to my husband Mr. Mararo... wa! Thank you!  For the tremendous support...the constant pressure  to want more..for being Mum and Dad  most of the time 🤭 Sina words La Azizi..."

Kanze heaped praise on her children, apologizing  for missing out on major family moments while allowing her to serve the country diligently.

"MY SHUDRENS!... all events  I missed.... bdays etc... thank you for understanding."

She also praised her parents writing,

"My parents.. Harry and Jane though you watched this season  from a far...you played very great roles.. your values...etched  in meMama zeinab too. I LOVE YOU...."

She finished by noting that her family and friends had cheered her on and held her in prayer during her task as the head of state's spokesperson.

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