Babu Owino reveals the whereabouts of his wealth

Babu Owino says politicians sharing their net worth are just mere thieves.

Piece by: shakila mohammed

• Posting on his Instagram page,the member of parliament claimed that hustlers is just a name.

kingpin on political grounds
kingpin on political grounds
Image: Instagram

Babu Owino alias Paul Ongili Owino has today touched on the hustlers net worth topic that was on top trend yesterday.

Posting on his Instagram page,the member of parliament claimed that hustlers is just a name and are thieves who are interviewed.

The former  university of Nairobi student,allegedly said that his wealth is in heaven and that he believes sufferers ni wakenya waliochini.

He stated;

 "Hii Kenya Kuna HUSTLERS na Kuna SUFFERERS.Hustlers ni wezi who are currently being interviewed while sufferers ni wakenya waliochini. My wealth is in heaven."

What is with this wealth in heaven?, the politician didn't mention it out clearly.

Keyboard  warriors didn't hesitate, a true definition of  Kenya a country of active online men.

To some of the comments that sparked online are as follows;

benz_barry Tell them mkuu....ati hustlers when they are still picking billy and milly perses into offices yet qualified hustlers are fumbling with their papers in it man society...Hustler was just a Kenya Kwisha narrative. Sooo saaad

yasser_majorstar Si ungesema hii mukiwa vetting

o.b.e.y_ke Tafaķari ya babu

This comes after yesterday vetting where some of the leaders shocked citizens with their net worth

To mention MDVD recognised as Musila Mudavadi who currently holds a position of prime cabinet secretary.

 Musalia Mudavadi  told the National Assembly Committee on Appointments he is worth Sh4 billion.

“If I take my investments in shares in some companies and also the properties that I own, I’d put my net worth at about 4 billion shillings,” he said.

Defence Cabinet Secretary nominee was among the members who were vetted and he revealed his net worth to be Sh851 million.

Explaining that it included an annual income of Sh10m from rental property and livestock.

Duale said that his livestock includes; an undisclosed number of sheep, goats and 231 camels.

 "I have livestock across North Eastern and Ukambani. I even had to go and value my 231 camels somewhere in Kitui County,” he noted

What is your thought on bottom up leaders? lets know in the comment section.

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