Peter Salasya responds to woman begging to be married by him

Lydia says she is not after mheshimiwa's money because she has her own cash.

• The woman termed herself as God-fearing.

• Sasa naona mambo si mbaya vile kunaenda- Salasya 

Peter Salasya has responded to a woman making advances at him.
Image: Twitter

Mumias Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has promised to reach out to a woman who expressed interest in him.

He was reacting to a love confession by a woman identified as Lydia Ronad.

"Warembo wa Salasya nawapenda sana .Will reach you and say Hi. Mr. President William Ruto I remember you asking me kama nimepata mtu when you visited us at the National Assembly.

Sasa naona mambo si mbaya vile kunaenda. God bless kenya . Our country is blessed," Salasya said in a tweet.


"It takes courage and bravery to speak your mind in broad light. I congratulate her on the steps. May God Bless this young girl. You deserve the best. Tomorrow I invite you for a lunch in the parliament buildings. You will have the privilege to have lunch with members," 

Mumias Member of Parliament Peter Salasya announced to the public the qualities he is looking for in a wife, a Kenyan lady has come out to let the MP know that she ticks all the boxes and is ready to tie the knot.

The lady identified as Lydia Ronad took to the streets of Nairobi holding a placard letting it be known that she was ready to get into a relationship with the MP.

In a now-trending video, she is heard saying,

"The report he'd sent out... you see I am here responding to the report that he sent out, I have accepted it. I am ready to be his wife. And I am just as God-fearing as he'd listed as top quality in a wife. I am working so I don't want his money.

"I have all the qualities he was looking for in a wife,".

Her banner highlighted that she is hard-working, God-fearing, loving, and caring.

Two weeks ago the youthful MP who had his heart crashed back in 2017 when he lost his parliamentary bid seems to have healed and was embarking on a search for a "wife material" type of girl to tie the knot with.

Do you think the woman is genuine?

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