• She is carrying on a family tradition.

• Passaris held a party in his honour.

Esther Passaris dad birthday celebration
Esther Passaris dad birthday celebration

Nairobi woman representative, Esther Muthoni Passaris, is marking her late father's birthday in a big way.

Esther lost her dad nine months ago, and on Saturday October 8, threw a birthday party on what would have been his 80th birthday.

"In Mombasa to posthumously celebrate my father's 80th birthday the Greek Orthodox way with Arch."

In her tribute we learnt at the time that her father was among engineers who built Kenya's first ship.

"October 21st would mark 9 months since his passing but we chose to hold prayers on his birthday and celebrate with a cake."

He died in January this year and she broke the sad news to Kenyans.

In a heartfelt post on her social media platforms, Passaris  eulogized her dad saying his death hurt her alot.

“My dad achieved a lot in his 79 years. From building the first ship in Kenya - the 'MV Mwewe' that sailed across the East African coast, to coaching and mentoring young men,” she tweeted.

The Woman Rep’s father, a naval architect, was of Greek origin. In her condoling note, Mama Taa as she is known told 

“Though heartbroken, it is well with my soul,” Passaris said

Former CS Eugene Wamalwa at the announcement of his death informed Kenyans that Mr. Passaris was instrumental in Kenya as the architect built the ship called MV Mwewe.

Mr Wamalwa added that the woman rep's dad's innovation encouraged the Kenyan Government to full enter into the ship making industry.

"Passari's dad, was a renowned Naval Architect who built the Kenyan Ship MV Mwewe. He is the inspiration behind the building of MV Uhuru, which is currently underway, and the recent Mombasa Presidential launch of Kenya Ships Yard."

Mzee leaves behind a once more proud shipbuilding nation," the outgoing CS stated.

The Nairobi Woman Rep shared photos of the MV Mwewe which was built in the 1980s by her father.

The loving daughter shared her deep love and connection with her Greek dad. When she was declared the winner of the August 9 poll, Mama Taa dedicated it to him, saying,

“I want to dedicate this win to my father who passed away in January and he is not here to see me win this. And because he loved this country so much, I want to say ‘daddy as I dedicate this win to you, I will do everything you taught me; to serve with integrity. I will do that in your honour for the people of Nairobi,” she said.

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