Miguna outlines only condition that would make him an ally of Ruto's government

The advocate has been exiled in Canada from 2018.

• Miguna was a guest on Gerald Bitok's The Tackle yesterday.

• He said that he still isn't sure if the red alert has been lifted.

The lawyer has revealed his conditions for ever allying himself with Ruto
Miguna Miguna. The lawyer has revealed his conditions for ever allying himself with Ruto
Image: The-Star

Miguna Miguna has now revealed that he will only join President William Ruto's government on condition that he upholds the principles of democracy and governs in a fair manner. 

During a virtual interview with Gerald Bitok on The Tackle yesterday, the fiery lawyer explained that he was coming back because it was his right as a citizen and not because he was implicitly supporting the new government.

“I draw the line where justice ends and injustice starts. Anybody who violates the rule of law and infringes other people's rights, I will oppose. Whether it is Ruto, whether it is Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga Miguna will oppose you when you disobey laws, or court orders, you violate people's rights and torture them you act like a monarch."


"If Ruto wants to act as a monarch then he should be scared of me. If Ruto wants to be governed by the rule of law and the principles of democracy and governance in a way that is fair, then Miguna is his buddy and ally," he added.

During the interview, the lawyer also spoke on whether the red alerts imposed against him from the government had been lifted.

"I'm coming back on October 20 but I'm not sure if the Red Alert has been lifted. However I have not received confirmation that they have lifted the red alerts. I am going to do like I have always done- leave my home, board the plane and hope that this time they will let me board the plane." 

Miguna is known for his uncompromising stance on the rule of law, something that he has spoken at length in his many memoirs. 

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