Amber Ray's ex Zaheer under fire from women over proposed bill

The ex is the current Nyaribari Chache MP after he won the August 9th elections

• Amber Ray dated Zaheer for years.

• Many assumed he is getting back at his ex Amber Ray although it is not true.

The Nyaribari Chache MP's proposed bill raises taxes on beauty and make-up products
Amber Ray with Zaheer Jhanda The Nyaribari Chache MP's proposed bill raises taxes on beauty and make-up products
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray's ex boyfriend Zaheer Jhanda is under fire from Citizens. This was after the Nyaribari Chache MP, revealed he would be tabling a bill to increase tax on makeup and beauty products.

"I am going to introduce a bill next week that will increase tax on women's products like make up ,human hair and other beauty skin care products. This is to ensure the government raises enough revenue for our country to move forward."

Below are some of the reactions with many castigating Zaheer for focusing on irrelevant stuff instead of the important stuff.

Min Sulwe: Please just get back at Amberay without involving the rest of us. 

Joyce Wanjiru: Follow Now we are going to suffer for what Amberay Did to this man.

Beckie Sharzy: This is my area mp,Instead of bringing us roads, improving public schools,Water and assisting the vulnerable in the constituency......anyway ......its a choice

Dee Ongere: Is he punishing his ex Amberay?

Barack Osawa: I support. Am tired of marrying a mzungu in the night and end up waking up beside a south Sudan woman in the morning.

Carole Asanyo: It's Amber Ray who hurt you not fellow Kenyans.

Mochama Nyabuya: The kind of nonsense we elect. He leads a very poor constituency and all he can see is make up?

Evalyne Muthoni: So we are now all paying for amberays mistakes Mr?si uachike tu surely????

Verah Machuka: Yeye mwenyewe si natural...Anyway he wants to punish all his Ex’s mimi am safe.

Mary Joy Kathomi: Instead of proposing things that will help common mwanainchi mwenye alikuvotia unaongea nonsense...mhesh nani alikuhurt..coz you need to heal.

Susan Ngugi: Kindly don't involve us in your internal affairs, Amberay is not us and we are not her...wacha tutese kwa amani prissss

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