Why Ruto asked pastors to speak in tongues on State House grounds

The president sneaked back into the country after being in America and England

• The president hosted more than 40 clergy at State House.

• The commander in chief had particular prayer requests to make to the men of the clothe

The fifth president asked the clergy to pray for State House
William Ruto walking to the service The fifth president asked the clergy to pray for State House
Image: State House

The president of Kenya, William Ruto hosted men of the cloth to  a thanksgiving service at State House today.

During the service, the head of state asked the men of cloth to purify his official dwelling before he begins using it to carry out his duties.

He explained that some 30 or 4o of the clerics would be chosen to conduct prayer after the service where they would dedicate the entire building to God.

"After this service, there is a part two which may not be as organized as the first session. We will ask 30 or 40 of our senior clergy to pray over this building and this residence, and the offices so that God can give us solutions for this country."

Before adding,

"Do not leave after lunch, speak a word of blessing on this grounds and around this compound, even on the farm, everywhere! Those who can speak in tongues, please do so, so that it is known that the new tenants have arrived."

The president invite clergy to pray for him
President William Ruto attending the service at State House Gardens The president invite clergy to pray for him
Image: State House

Mr. Ruto also made 3 requests to the clerics. They concerned the cattle rustling and banditry in Turkana.

"Pray so that the spirit of conflict and cattle rustling will be defeated. We are doing what we can do as a government to ensure we see the last of this kind of thing," he started.

He also asked the clerics to pray for law enforcement and also for his government to solve the current economic calamity facing Kenyans.

"I want you to pray for our economy because we are not in a very good place. As we speak today, we are chained to many debts; 65 per cent of our income is used to pay the debt. Things are difficult but we shall succeed."

There has been some clamour recently over the perceived lack of delineation between church and state in the country.

Some Kenyans have asked for the Azimio government to separate their religious convictions from government affairs.

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