• The Turkana MCA was captured struggling to repeat a certain Swahili word.

• Kenyans are divided on the importance of one speaking the national language 

The politician struggled to repeat a Swahili word during the swearing in ceremony
Turkana MCA The politician struggled to repeat a Swahili word during the swearing in ceremony
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Kenyans have reacted to a video of nominated Turkana MCA, Hellen Kaile, struggling to read an oath during her swearing in. Loima Sub County

The lady in question seemed to struggle in reading the Kiswahili that the officer in the county assembly was telling her to repeat.

The word she struggled with was the word, 'Nitahifadhi,' which the female MCA had a tough time pronouncing. Watch the clip below;

Kenyans who saw the clip reacted to it with many wondering how she would be able to successfully represent her ward if she couldn't speak the official language.

But others were more sympathetic to the politician and defended her saying that as long as her 'Turkana' people could here, then there was no problem.

Check out some of the comments below;

simeon ndung'u@NdunguSimeon The minimum threshold for a person to be allowed to vie as an MCA should be a diploma holder

GalGalo@Galgalo23 Why now? The whole Turkana,She was the only one available?

Yohana Johnson@YohanJohnson6 She can argue motion using African language. Let’s Africans embrace our language like Asians

Man in black@3000future09 I wonder how she’ll deliver

Tonui@Tonui53890709· Na ni ukweli

Gideon Wawa@Gideonkhisah93 Sometimes as a country our bass goes too low

Bernard N. Kimunya Qualifications amongst them LANGUAGE kiswahili or Kizungu.

Edward Kush Mwangi They will trail back for a long time

Eng Jonathan k Moturi ~HVAC This is unacceptable

Jerusa Ochieng Totally unacceptable

Klm@Mwatelakamanza3 It's very disappointing!

Jerusa Ochieng huyu ndiye alipatikana pekee

jerotich Someone to remind me qualifications of an MCA

Jayroc Maroc jocarly Bro.turkana county leadership is the true definition of a failed leader,imagine they have voted in Christopher Nakuleu a total failure as the county assembly speaker. Turkana county is doomed

In 2017 during the campaign season, former President Uhuru Kenyatta's son, Muhoho Kenyatta was observed struggling to speak in Kiswahili.

Muhoho, who had visited Nandi County with Deputy President William Ruto, read a 30-second address on his smartphone but struggled considerably in speaking Kiswahili.

Even late president Daniel Arap Moi's son, Gideon Moi was once observed having a hard time speaking Swahili. 

Gideon has since elevated his spoken Kiswahili and is proficient when speaking to a crowd.

What do you think? Should your elected leader speak the two official languages proficiently?

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