• Johnson Sakaja was sworn in as Nairobi's fourth governor.

• Sakaja beat Igathe to clinch 699, 392 votes while Igathe got 573, 516 votes.

alongside his wife during his swearing in as Nairobi Governor on August 25th 2022.
Johnson Sakaja alongside his wife during his swearing in as Nairobi Governor on August 25th 2022.

Johnson Arthur Sakaja is now officially the new Nairobi Governor.

He was sworn it at an official event held at KICC.

Justice Roselyne Aburili and assisted by magistrate Caroline Kabucho administered the oath of office to Sakaja and his deputy, Njoroge Muchiri.

In addition to this, the judge also administer the signing of the integrity document to the duo.

Speaking after his swearing in Sakaja revealed why his opponent Polycarp Igathe was missing from the event.

" I want to acknowledge my competitor Igathe. I sat with him recently and he excused himself today saying he was travelling

Vying for office is an act of patriotism.

Thank you Polycarp for moving our politics forward in the most positive way.

You are a true embodiment of Siasa safi, something I believe in."

Sakaja thanked all the other gubernatorial candidates adding that he hoped they could work together.

He says he was happy that the 2022 campaign was not based on personal identity but rather on the agendas that unite Kenyans.

He thanked the people of Nairobi for maintaining peace.

Sakaja recently met up with Igathe for a coffee date something that left Kenyans puzzled.

Many assumed they were enemies given they were vying for the same seat but that is far from the truth.

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