• Didmus Barasa has been in custody after he surrendered.

• He allegedly shot Brian Olunga, an aide to his opponent and DAP-K’s Brian Khaemba.

in a file photo
Didmus Barasa in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Kimilili MP-Elect Didmus Barasa Wednesday pleaded not guilty after being arraigned over the murder of Brian Olunga, an aide to his opponent and DAP-K’s Brian Khaemba.

Barasa will know whether he will be released on bail at 3pm Wednesday by a Kakamega court.

An autopsy done last week revealed that Olunga died of a bullet which struck the right side of his head.

Olunga died of profuse bleeding when the bullet got stuck in his head.

Barasa has been in custody after he surrendered and was arraigned ten days ago after which the court allowed police to hold him for 10 days to allow investigations.

Forensic Crime Scene Investigations unit detectives have since conducted comprehensive investigations and placed Barasa at the scene of the murder.

Similarly, ballistic experts based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, linked Barasa’s firearm to the fatal shot that took away Olunga’s life.

This followed a report issued by the ballistic experts after the investigating team forwarded Hon Barasa’s Glock Pistol, a cartridge retrieved from the scene and bullet fragments to the ballistic lab for forensic analysis.

A police report noted a recovered cartridge was fired by the Glock pistol issued to Barasa.

Barasa is now facing murder charges contrary to section 203 as read with section 204 of the penal code.

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