Surrender within 6 hours! Kinoti warns Didmus Barasa

Kinoti said Barasa should surrender to any police station within six hours.

• The MP reportedly shot and killed Brian Olunga, on August 9, at Chebukwabi Polling Station.

• Olunga was a bodyguard to Brian Khaemba, who was Barasa's opponent in the Kimilili parliamentary race.

in a file photo
Didmus Barasa in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Didmus Barasa, the member of parliament for Kimilili, is now wanted for murder, according to a warning from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

George Kinoti, the director of the DCI, commanded Barasa to report to any police station within six hours.

“We are warning Barasa, who has since gone into hiding after the brutal murder of one Brian Olunga, to surrender to the nearest police station within the next 6 hours,” he said.

Kinoti stated that they want Barasa to provide details regarding Olunga's passing. He is accused of shooting him in the forehead on August 8 in Chebukwabi, Kimilili, Bungoma county, killing him instantly.

“A specialized team of sleuths based from the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau and the Homicide department has been dispatched to augment the teams on the ground for his manhunt,” Kinoti said.

“Serious action will be taken against any person/s found to be harbouring the murder suspect.”

The DPP had issued an arrest warrant for Barasa on Wednesday.

On August 9, the MP allegedly shot and killed Brian Olunga. Olunga had served as Brian Khaemba's bodyguard when he ran against Barasa for the Kimilili parliamentary seat.

Noordin Haji, the DPP, has also issued orders to have Barasa detained, to record a statement, and to make the necessary file available to his office for further action.

The MP is still at large, and his phone is off, according to Bungoma police. Khaemba left and went to his car after an incident between the two, according to Bungoma's DCI Joseph Ondoro.

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