Terence Creative's former lover Anita Soina concedes defeat

Anita is a renowned environmentalist who was one of the youngest contestants in the field

• Anita Soina was vying for Kajiado North MP seat under the Party GreenThinkingActionParty (GTAP).

Environment enthusiast Anita Soina
Environment enthusiast Anita Soina
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The youngest MP candidate in the 2022 elections, Anita Soina has yielded. 22-year-old Anita was vying for Kajiado North MP seat under the Party GreenThinkingActionParty (GTAP).

She is also an Environment enthusiast. Taking to her Instagram page, Soina said she was proud of herself thanking the residents of Kajiado North constituency who she said welcomed her to their homes and spaces during the political season.

Soina also thanked those who supported her in all manner including financially and through physical aid.

"THE ANSWER IS WAIT. NEXT TIME IT MAY BE YES I take this opportunity to thank the residents of Kajiado North constituency who welcomed me to their homes and spaces this political season. The journey has been full of challenges, and obstacles but most importantly opportunities to learn, interact and share ideas and possible solutions to our challenges.

I also want to thank my Party GreenThinkingActionParty (GTAP) led by my party leader Dr Isaac Kalua Green who believes in me and for the immense support they gave me and my team during the campaign period.

To every individual who put financial, emotional, and physical aid; you have a special place in my heart for being part of my journey and growth as the 2022 youngest MP Candidate. A big thank you to IEBC led by RO Sir Musembi for ensuring we had a peaceful campaign period."

Soina asked her supporters to work with her opponent as they strive to make Kajiad better.

"I take this chance to congratulate my opponent and good friend Hon Onesmus Nguro Ngogoyo of UDA for being the MP-elect of our great constituency, Kajiado North.

To every individual led by my own mum ( Mum Chepkorir Sossion) and all of you who see hope in me and who see the best in me, you are the best and I will continue making you proud by serving the community in various capacities.

Thank you to the team of climate activists, environmentalists, scientists, organizations that were always calling to check on me.

I urge the citizens of Kajiado North to support him and give him all the respect he deserves as he begins a new journey as our MP-elect."

In a competition amongst 16 candidates only one was meant to be the winner and so I Anita Soina,

The Green MP concede defeat and promise to support the Kajiado county government and Kenya’s government where needed as we strive to make Kajiado and Kenya a better place for every citizen."

Soina became an internet sensation when she was publicly revealed to be Comedian Terence Creative mpango wa kando.

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