• This was the first time she appeared in public with Wajackoyah since he declared his interest in the presidency and throughout his campaigns.

• During a previous TV interview, Wajackoyah said his wife lives in the US together with their three children - two daughters and a son.

George Wajackoyah's wife
Meller Luchiri George Wajackoyah's wife
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party, arrived at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi on Tuesday with his wife, Meller Luchiri.

Since he revealed his interest in the presidency, this was the first time she has appeared in public with Wajackoyah.

with George Wajackoyah
Mecher Luchiri with George Wajackoyah
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

Wajackoyah said in a previous TV appearance that his wife resides in the US and that their three children—two daughters and a son—dwell in the UK.

Ty Luchiri, the firstborn, is a male. Marjorie Luchiri, the secondborn, and Marz Luchiri, the thirdborn, are daughters.

Wajackoyah and Meller, an African-American, were married in the early 90s.

being escorted
Mecher Luchiri being escorted
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

In February 2020, the two soulmates exchanged vows and got married. "I got married to my closest buddy today! in 2020 on January 4. The very best is still to come," Meller made this statement in a Facebook post.

Meller's background is largely unknown, however, an internet search reveals that she had worked in the aviation sector.

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