Susan Mboya Kidero to a political gathering in Rangwe Constituency on Wednesday July 20, 2022.
Dr. Evans Kidero introducing his wife Susan Mboya Kidero to a political gathering in Rangwe Constituency on Wednesday July 20, 2022.
Image: Sitna Omar

Homa Bay Gubernatorial aspirant Dr. Evans Kidero has finally introduced his wife to politics in a bid to garner support from women in the county.

Kidero took this step Wednesday when he met more than 2000 women from 40 wards in Homa Bay at a convention held at a hotel within Rangwe constituency.

With just a few weeks to the general election, Susan Mboya Kidero decided to come out and campaign for her husband saying that she will serve as the county’s first lady with vast experience in leadership.

Mboya said that she has 30 years of experience in business and development, where she has empowered many youths and women all over the country, adding that if her husband wins, she will ensure women empowerment in the county.

“I have engaged in a programme where women are given funds to start businesses. Homa Bay is among the counties that have benefited from this initiative. I have given out coolers to women to sell beverages when I worked for Coca Cola Company,” she said.

Mboya said Homa Bay manyien (New Homa Bay) which is Kidero's campaign slogan, will ensure social vices like Gender Based Violence (GBV) and teenage pregnancy hindering women’s development in the county are addressed.

“The eight-point agenda of Evans Kidero will address these issues, but it will be more effective if women are involved," she said.

On his part, Kidero said his government will ensure women's agenda is taken care of, including involvement and integration in the formation and management of the county government.

 “I have identified women from the county with good leadership skills who will be incorporated in my administration. Development projects cannot be implemented without the participation of women. That is why there are laws governing women’s rights,” he said.

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