• Bahati was finally allowed to vie under a Jubilee Party ticket.

• Bahati made sure to thank Raila but had some tough words for Sifuna.

wearing his Mathare campaign shirt
Kevin Bahati wearing his Mathare campaign shirt

It seems that Kevin Bahati's stubbornness and resilience have finally borne fruit as he has been allowed to compete for the Mathare MP seat under the Jubilee banner.

'"I want to inform you that I am gazetted and I'm vying. Thank you to the people of Mathare who rioted to have me on the ballot paper. No one can change that," Bahati stated.

Bahati urged his supporters to vote for him and Raila Odinga as president but made sure to throw a dig at ODM's Nairobi senatorial candidate Edwin Sifuna telling Kenyans to not vote for Sifuna.

 "Vote for me and Raila Odinga but when it comes to the senator seat don't vote for Sifuna. That man rants a lot," Bahati added. 

And Sifuna himself had something to say concerning Bahati, with the ODM Party Secretary-General questioning Bahati's claims that he had been offered millions to step down.

"Yaani kama kuna mtu ako na KSh 50 million mahali eti anataka kuchukua apee Bahati, huyo mtu kichwa yake ni mbaya. Afanyie nini? Ya nini? (If there is somebody somewhere with KSh 50 million to offer Bahati, that person is not normal. For what purpose)," Sifuna said. 

Sifuna wasn't done mocking Bahati saying that he would only spare Sh 200 for Bahati to buy a handkerchief so he could wipe away his tears.

Sifuna is of course referring to Bahati's highly publicized rant a few months ago where he cried in front of the media.

At the time, Bahati was complaining that he had been told to step down from the Jubilee ticket in favour of ODM's Anthony Oluoch. 

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