Watch: Governor aspirant shows off his swag

• "Brands don't make a person, the person makes the brand." - Abdullswamad Nassir

in a stylish suit
Politician Abdullswamad Nassir in a stylish suit

You know him as the stylish silver fox with a rocking body on Instagram, but in actual fact, he is a legislator and a politician.

Meet Abdullswamad Nassir the MP for Mvita and Mombasa governor aspirant.

You also know him as Governor 001- Hassan Joho's BFF.

Anyhow, he dropped in at our office and as usual, we had to ask him a few questions about his training routine, music taste, his thoughts on the youth and voting this election year.

Unfortunately, we did not get enough time to get him to do a TikTok challenge. Maybe next time.

Abdullswamad was decked out in ivory-coloured Fear Of God: Essentials hoodie with a matching bottom.

The brand was launched back in 2018 by American designer, Jerry Lorenzo. His Label Essentials has been worn by Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Virgil Abloh and many more

Asked about his drip, the politician said, "I'm wearing something that feels very comfortable." 

Adding, "Brands don't make a person, the person makes the brand."

The Mvita MP is known for his strict training routine.

He told Mpasho, "I train and eat healthy. I train at least five to six times a week."

His favourite food is "nyama".

So what music does the mheshimiwa jam to? "What I'm listening to in terms of music?" He remarked, "When I'm training like to listen to two artists in particular in Kenya, Nyashiki and Khaligraph."

Check out Khaligraph's latest release, a mega hit dubbed Mbona.

Asked what the youth think about politics and their rights to vote, Abdulswamad told Mpasho, "There was a lot of voter apathy where people were just not interested, they had given up."

He continued, "But I think with time, people are understanding. The number of people who are deciding not to vote has reduced which is good. We are looking forward to a good turnout this year."

Adding, "Bad leaders are chosen by good citizens who chose not to vote. So if you decide to stay on the sidelines, you are choosing and leader, It is as simple as that."

Check out the Tiktok video with the drip master below.

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