• Winnie Odinga opened up about what she would want in her potential spouse.

• Winnie's wishlist isn't out of the ordinary as it is what most high-achieving women would want.

raising her hands in truimph
Winnie Odinga raising her hands in truimph
Image: Instagram

Winnie Odinga, the lastborn child and personal assistant of Raila Odinga, has revealed the qualities she values in a mate.

The CEO of BrickHouse Counsel recently disclosed this information during a radio interview, where she said,

“You got to be taller than me. I am 5’10… you have to be dark and like slim. He has to come with a degree,” according to Winnie.

The 32-year-old also discussed what makes a relationship successful, highlighting the value of communication and trust.

“I look for trust, ability to communicate, have a discussion, and sought of a platform I can bounce off all the work that I do,” she added.

Winnie also discussed how challenging it is to make friends while being the daughter of a politician.

"That has always been difficult. Children of politicians and also children of drug dealers, don’t trust people. They have become so skeptical because there are a lot of betrayals and going back and forth. They have become skeptical of people, so you become cautious about how you deal with people.” 

These kids are less trusting of others, so you have to be careful how you interact with them, Winnie added.

Despite all of this, Winnie claimed to have a select group of close pals she can trust.

“I think I have got a good circle of friends. I meet a lot of people by the nature of my work. Just keep your circle tight,” she said.

In October last year, Winnie humorously declared that after her father is inaugurated as president in 2022, she will get married on the State House lawns.

“Tell them that I said, Winnie Odinga will get married in 2022, on the lawns of State House, And you are all invited, so if you want that to happen, go register to vote,” she jested after issuing an arguably powerful speech to the youth," she said at a speech at The University of Nairobi.

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