• Charlton, Conjestina Achieng's son contacted Mike Sonko for help to get her mum admitted to a hospital.

• Conjestina is an award-winning female boxer.

Charltone Otieno and his mum Conjestina
Charltone Otieno and his mum Conjestina
Image: Courtesy/ Charltone

Yesterday, Conjestina Achieng's son, Carlton, and some of his family members met up with Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

The purpose of the visit was to seek medical assistance to rehabilitate the boxer who has been battling ill health.

Through his socials, Sonko said he will help not because he is wealthy but because he is a man with a good heart. 

"We will take her to a good medical facility that helps deal with depression. We will give her a private room so that anyone who wants to pray for her. You guys also need to be serious because we take her to the hospital she comes home and she gets worse. We will take care of her. For her to be involved in something to do she must get well first. Provided am alive we will take care of her."

Carlton thanked Sonko for always being available when they needed help.

 "Thank you so much, I know it is not easy. After that, we hope she can do something to keep her get engaged. I am the one who texted Sonko and he responded."

during her boxing days
Conjestina Achieng during her boxing days

Sonko had on Saturday revealed that he had dispatched a car to go get the legendary boxer. Sonko castigated the country's leadership for 'campaigning' while ignoring the suffering boxing legend.

"Our leaders are busy campaigning while one of our shujaas who once made this country proud is currently languishing in poverty and needs help due to her ill health."


"I have singlehandedly helped her before, taken her to various hospitals and rehabilitation centres including Nairobi County rehabilitation centre in Parklands, Diani Beach among others where she gets full recovery and discharged, then when she gets back to shags after a while gets worse again."

He explained that Conje's family believes that the former pugilist needed prayers with the Mombasa mayoral candidate adding that he was prepared to comply with the family's request and continue to support Conjestina.

"Through her son, the family believes she needs prayers and is proposing taking her to Pastor Ezekiel. They have been appealing for help but none of our leaders has heeded to their cry. However, despite my busy court schedule and tribulations, I have decided to continue helping her including taking her to Mtumishi prophetess Mary Kagendo for prayers," he noted.

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