Omar Lali

Omar Lali has said he is not aware of the Roots Party Coordinator of the Beach Boys Association.

In a phone interview with the Star, Lali said people are fond of making fun with his name on social media.

"I don't mind what they say, to me it is just a good thing. At first, there were reports that I had been appointed the chairperson of the men's conference, but those were just social media reports," he said.

However, Lali said if the reports of the appointment are true, he will have to weigh the options.

"First, they will need to call me. It has to be official. I will then sit down with my team to discuss what is there for me," he said.

By the time the Star was catching up with Lali, he was heading to his daily money-making errands.

"I usually wake up at 2 pm. Right now I'm heading to my usual place of work," he said.

There were reports that surfaced on social media claiming Roots Party Presidential Candidate George Wajackoyah had appointed Omar Lali as the party's Coordinator of the Beach Boys Association.

The news of his appointment was made public by his running mate Justina Wangui Wamae through her official Facebook account.

Wajackoyah said beach boys spur up the tourism economy as they are guides offering lengthy tours of the coastline and the marine parks.

"Others sell African souvenirs such as khangas, Maasai sandals and beadwork. Some of these traders display their wares along the sandy stretch."

According to Wajackoyah, Omar brings the beach boys vote who are many at times ignored in Kenya's development agenda.

Omar through his Twitter account gave thanks to the party for the oppotunity.

"Thank you Roots party Leader Prof George Wajackoyah for appointing me as the Coordinator of Beach Boys Association country wide. I Omar Lali accept the role," Omar said.

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