Prof George Wajackoyah
ROOTS PARTY LEADER: Prof George Wajackoyah
Image: Courtesy

A lot has been said about Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah.

But little is known about the nitty-gritty that maketh the man.

Here are some 12 facts about lawyer Wajackoyah that will see him in a very different light.

-He was a street urchin (chokora) at 10 years old and fed from dumpsters.

-His mother carried him for 10 and half months hence everyone thought he was an odd child.

-His wife is of black American origin and living in America.

-He has 17 academic degrees -Wajackoyah is a father of three; a son named Ty Luchiri, and two daughters Marjorie and Marz Luchiri.

-He is a farmer both in Kenya and abroad.

-He is a partner in the law firm Luchiri and Company Advocate established in 2018.

-He was an inspector in the dreaded special Branch, the revered intelligence unit in president Moi's era. Yaani, he was a spy.

-He was picked by his boss James Kanyotu - the then director of intelligence - to investigate the killing of Robert Ouko.

-He was arrested and detained with him being tortured in a City Mortuary.

-He went to exile in UK and USA between 1991 and 2012.

-He is a vegetarian.

-He is the first African priest of Hare Krishna.

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