• Jalang'o's employees were washing the BMW when they encountered a lot of money in it. 

• The employees have disappeared since the incident despite Jalang'o's offer that he would give them back their jobs if they turned themselves in.

Jalang'o has said that his ex-employees, Morrison Lutiema and Eli Khumundu, had returned some of the money that they stole from him.

During the interview with 2mbili TV, Jalas revealed that his former employees had returned some of the money they stole with the two confessing that they had used some of the money while they were in hiding.

He added that he gave them back some of the money and asked them to go. 

During the interview, the famous comedian also disclosed the expensive car that his former employees had stolen millions of shillings from.

The aspiring Lang'ata MP showed off his fancy BMW M5 car but however refused to reveal how much he had splurged on the beast saying he still wasn't done paying for it.

But Kenyans being Kenyans had their doubts and voiced them in the comments section, saying that the car wasn't a BMW M5 sports. The theory is that the car is a BMW 5 series with the M package.

Check out some of the comments below;

francklyne owuor No M5 bro, it’s a 5series with an M-package. For instance the tweak of the gearbox, and the steering. And the M package has nothing to do with the power or the speed. This is how it goes M5,4,3 is higher-end, then M-performance, and last but not least. The M-sport is like the one in the video. Nice ride Heavy J👊🏿

Afrique Labs Hapo kwa M5 Apana. M5 has a V8 engine packed. That’s prolly a BMW 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. But still a very very decent car with the M-Sport trim.

Check the video below;

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