• David Mwaure Waihiga made some big promises as far as dealing with the elephant of corruption in Kenya.

• David Mwaure Waihiga also said that he would trim the civil service to try and reduce the public debt.

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Presidential aspirant David Mwaure Waihiga in a file photo
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Mwaihiga Mwaura's dad, presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga has made a bold declaration as far as corruption goes.

The politician has promised that if he were elected he would jail all the people who benefited illegally from the Covid pandemic.

And the cherry on top? He said that it would happen within 100 days. He added that he didn't agree with the opinion polls saying he was like the proverbial David.

Speaking to the Nation, he said,

 “And that is why we do not agree with those opinion polls being published left, right and centre portraying me as an underdog … They are making a huge mistake.”

He said that the reason he was appearing in the opinion polls was that he came out as a candidate “properly a few days ago [and] had not attended public debates.”

The astute advocate explained that his leadership of the Agano Party would be “revolutionary, it will be different … It will be what Kenyans have really been looking for. The others are talking about change. They cannot change. They do not have the wherewithal.”

And what about the national debt that stands at an estimated Sh12 trillion? He said that he would send some people from the civil service packing, something that his running mate said would be gradual.

“Some people in the civil service will have to go home. New people will have to come in. Corruption underlies the poverty we are seeing around. Abraham Lincoln said democracy is defined as the rule of the people for the people and by the people … we will take the government down there at the family unit,” Mr. Waihiga said.

The senior counsel said that he would plug holes that have come about due to corruption citing the Sh2 billion that President Uhuru Kenyatta claimed is stolen daily from the government.

“That is Sh60 billion per month … nearly a trillion per year. The President was just talking about what he knows. We have individual, corporate and other institutionalised corruption where colossal sums get lost,” he said.


“We only need to fight corruption, impunity and have the law followed and we will protect our internally generated taxes, pool it together and use it to develop our lives,” he said.

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