• Nyambane was grilled by an IEBC tribunal over his credentials.

• Nyambane was at pains to explain how he had been able to get his degree in the span of 7 months. 

Yesterday was an incident full one as far as former Redykulass member, Walter Mongare alias Nyambane at Milimani Law Courts.

The former comedy star was put on the spot about how he had acquired his degree from the Daystar University which was completed in a record 7 months.

Nyambane's lawyer started by saying,

"As you would clearly appreciate, these are not my documents. They are a student's documents and he's explaining that it was a transfer program and those are details he only would be able to explain."

Before the Nyambane's lawyer was put to task again with a member of the IEBC tribunal asking,

"Looking at the start date and the end date that is how many months? It's about six months, isn't it? In short, your client was a student in Daystar for seven months?"

Nyambane responded by saying that he had completed his studies after transferring to Daystar from Kenyatta University.

He added that he was only waiting to graduate in November 2022 but the tribunal wasn't yet satisfied with that answer.

They proceeded to ask Nyambane to explain the transfer units from one institution to the other and if all the units appeared in the final transcript, but he couldn't answer.

"With utmost respect as I indicated, am not able to respond to interrogation further than that because I lack the capacity."


"A degree is not a one-off event. It is not a graduation ceremony when many relatives are ferried into town and buy very good flowers. A degree is a prescribed program of study-lawyer," added the lawyer.

Nyambane was disqualified in his presidential bid by IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati for his lack of a degree certificate.

“Pursuant to regulation 42 (2c) of the Constitution, I hereby revoke the nomination certificate of Walter Mong’are of the Umoja Summit Party dated June 2, 2022," Chebukati said at the time. 

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