• Ivy Namu says they had not planned for their second child but they are happy. 

• Ivy refused to reveal when she is due, however she did disclose that she is nearing her third trimester.

and his wife Ivy Namu
Willis Raburu and his wife Ivy Namu
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu's wife, Ivy Namu, has revealed that her second pregnancy was not planned.

Ivy revealed this in an Instagram QnA which she conducted to help her fans who had questions surrounding pregnancy matters. 

She says despite her and Raburu not having planned for their second baby, the couple is happy, 'albeit shocked' 

Another fan wanted to know whether she has been experiencing Post-traumatic stress disorder, regrets or food aversions to which she replied, "No PTSD or regrets though I can't believe I'm going to be cut open again But Imma be ready, Mungu mbele."

The mother of one was asked whether there are many similarities between the two pregnancies in terms of experience. 

"Not at all with this one I barely had any morning sickness & plus I can eat anything. My son made me super picky. Mawe tuu ndio constant," Ivy said.

The second pregnancy has not restricted her from eating anything compared to baby Bazu's one.

Ivy revealed that she still breastfeeds baby Bazu but not regularly and she does that just for comfort. She says her son who is almost an year old can go for days without breastfeeding.

Ivy refused to reveal when she is due, however she did disclose that she is nearing her third trimester.

A couple of weeks ago, Willis Raburu revealed that the two were expecting baby number two.

Taking to his socials to share the exciting news, Raburu captioned

"WE DID IT AGAIN! One More to adore! #Bazu #Mazu #BabyBazu +1."

and his baby mama Ivy Namu
Willis Raburu and his baby mama Ivy Namu
Image: Instagram

Speaking about her first pregnancy in the past, Ivy said that she chose to have an elective CS than go through the pain of labour and end up in the surgery room. 

"I honestly did not want to go through labour just to end up needing an emergency CS. And my partner and I were looking from some degree of certainty and that is what an elective gave us," Ivy shared. 

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