Why Baba and Ruto should be concerned about Wajackoyah

Why Wajackoyah has the power to rain on Ruto and Raila's parades

 • Wajackoyah's recent steady rise is not something to be ignored.

 • If the Roots Party candidate garners over 100,000 votes he might greatly impact the results.

Prof George Wajackoyah
Prof George Wajackoyah
Image: Courtesy

When the name Professor George Luchiri Wajackoyah was first mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, many thought he was a joke.

I mean, we have witnessed quite a number of presidential candidates in the past who have gone on to garner embarrassing votes.

If this year's presidential election ends up being a tight race between Raila and Ruto, then Wajackoyah's recent steady rise is not something to be ignored.

The Roots party candidate became an instant sensation among Kenyans and he has gone from a little known professor of Law to one of the most recognized figures across the country.

Last week, Kenyans were thrown into despair when Wajackoyah was turned away by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, for failing to submit the required number of supporters' signatures.

A few days later, the professor and his running mate, Justina Wambui were all smiles after they were cleared to run for the presidency.

That officially kick-started their campaigns to the State House and the reactions from Kenyans on social media, could clearly tell this man is a force to reckon with.

His manifesto which includes; legalizing and selling bhang, suspending the constitution for 6 months and smoking bhang at State House is among the things that have won many hearts.

Yesterday, he went a step further and stated that he plans on introducing snake farming, as a  strategy for increasing government revenue and clearing the ballooning debts.

Let us be honest, not a single day goes by without us hearing about Wajackoyah and that should tell you, that he has risen from the dungeons to becoming a political disruptor.

It is clear Wajackoyah's popularity can't match that of Raila or Ruto but should this man bag over 100,000 votes in a closely contested election, then he will have had a major impact.

For one to win an election you need to have garnered 50% plus 1 vote and just imagine if Wajackoyah's votes happen to ruin someone's party. Raila and Ruto should not underestimate his influence.

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