• Raila's plans call for a seven-year tax holiday for start-ups for youth-run micro and small enterprises.

• Single mothers will receive social assistance.

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Monday unveiled his 10 commandments, promising to jumpstart the economy within his first 100 days.

The ODM boss will be making a fifth stab at the presidency after unsuccessful bids in 1997, 2007, 2013, and 2017.

Below is a breakdown of his pledges:

He pledged to reduce the cost of living as soon as possible and deliver double-digit growth in the future.

He pledged to transfer Sh6,000 a month to needy families in his first 100 days.

Free education from nursery through college, university, and skills training.

Raila pledged his government will enforce zero tolerance to corruption, scale-up universal health care, and expand the space for media expression.

Raila said he would increase funding to the 47 county governments, ensure food security, provide water to every home and increase jobs.

The leader of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya political coalition promised free education from nursery all the way to college and university.

Universal healthcare will become a reality in three months from his election, he said.

He said all retired civil servants will continue receiving their medical cover at government cost.

In the fight against corruption, Raila said all Azimio members — appointed and elected — shall sign a specific anti-corruption charter that they shall not engage in any form of graft.

He plans to review and introduce policies to regulate penalties and sentencing of offenders on the basis of proportionality.

He pledged to accelerate the recovery of the proceeds of corruption and illicit financial flows.

Odinga said he will ensure every child has access to education through his ambitious free ‘Waste No Child’ program.

It will also cover students in college, university, and vocational training institutions.

Other promises included integrating and giving greater recognition to community health workers as partners at the grassroots level.

He called it a cost-effective way to extend health services to hard-to-reach areas, a last-mile approach to healthcare.

On food security, Raila promised his administration in collaboration with the county governments would work towards increased food production.

This would be achieved partly by reducing the cost of agricultural inputs.

Single mothers will receive social assistance and Kazi Mtaani will be started permanently for unemployed youths.

Raila's plans call for a seven-year tax holiday for start-ups for youth-run micro and small enterprises.

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