June Ruto and husband Dr Alexander Ezenagu
DP William Ruto's first born daughter June Ruto and husband Dr Alexander EzenaguĀ 

Deputy President William Ruto's daughter got married in a much-publicised affair last year.

A year later, June Ruto and her hubby, Dr Alexander Ezenagu are celebrating their first anniversary.

June gushed about it saying, "1 year married and half our lives together. Here's to more adventures."

June shared exclusive photos from her dowry session and wedding day to look back on their journey together.

Before their wedding, the DP said in an interview with Radio Jambo that he gave June advice.

''I told my daughter she is not on the same level as that of her husband. She is below him and that is how a home will be successfully built,'' he said.

He hopes that his other girls will get married to Kenyan men

''I was kind of disappointed that after educating her, taking her to good schools in Kenya and Australia, she ended up getting married to a Nigerian Man.

To the Kenyan men, I still have girls and I am praying that 'kina Irungu' and other Kenyan men can get my other girls. So there is hope for them.''

June is the firstborn daughter of the DP and his wife Racheal Ruto.

Being a father-in-law is not an easy task either.

Speaking at the after party of the wedding ceremony, Ruto said, "It is not easy as a parent giving away your daughter. It is that much more difficult when you are giving your daughter away to Nigerians."

He continued, "It is even much more difficult when you are giving your daughter to Igbos."

Ruto narrated the first time he met Dr Alexander Ezenagu and what he told him.

"When I first met Alex, I told him a story of a notorious guy called Chinedu who gave us a lot of trouble."

The son-in-law, Dr Ezenagu is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Law at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Qatar.

A trade and international tax law expert, he specializes in international tax law, domestic taxes, tax avoidance and commercial aspects of illicit financial flows, trade and investment advisory. He teaches Business Associations, Construction and Infrastructure Development Law, Global Economic Law and Governance, Entrepreneurship Law, Global Legal Ethics and Law of Taxation.

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