• Jubilee party SG Jeremiah Kioni noted Bahati represents the face of the youth.

• After protesting in the media, the singer was handed the certificate at Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani, Nairobi.

Kevin Kioko aka Bahati camapgins in Nairobi
kenyan singer Bahati Jubilee Kevin Kioko aka Bahati camapgins in Nairobi

Bahati has kickstarted his career as a politician with the handover of his party's certificate on May 13, 2022.

Bahati will contest for the Mathare MP seat under a Jubilee ticket. This comes weeks after the singer was told he won't vie for the seat owing to the zoning arrangement made among the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance political parties.

The Mathare parliamentary seat was reserved for the ODM party.

Bahati was captured on camera heartily thanking God for this milestone.

Bahati welcomed the move saying he is ready to deliver the seat home.

"I have a ticket and I will be on the ballot. I can promise you I am the next member of parliament in Mathare," he said.

Here is a list of things he needs to know about being a Kenyan politician

1. He needs to pay attention to Uasin Gishu Governor Mandago's advice that 'Usiweke siasa kwa roho'. Mandago said this to urge Kenyans not to take things personally and should focus on more constructive things.

2. Politics is not for the fainthearted.

3. People will say really bad things to you and about you when campaigning.

Some people out here just want to humiliate you and will confront you with questions hoping to embarrass you.

4. Politicians are narcissists

While on the campaign trail or after being elected, all politicians have a degree of narcissism.

You really have to have a very strong self-identity and a thick skin to survive in politics, or you risk getting washed up too soon.

5. People will always think you are dishonest.

Unfortunately, this is a label Kenyan politicians carry around whether true or not.

There's this stigma we have that all politicians are crooks. And unfortunately, the leaders can't shake it. Like KOT like to say it is what it is. There are a few good ones in the circle of dishonest ones.

6. Your constituents will expect handouts

Money plays a key role in a politician's everyday interaction with voters. Whether we like it or not, voters always ask for something from mhesh.

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