•The unusual symbols will be used by the new entrants

•The IEBC gazetted the names and symbols on May 18th

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, IEBC gazetted names and symbols of persons of Independent Candidates scheduled to participate in the commission nominations for the General Election scheduled to be held on 9th August.

The list is on the electoral body's website and caused quite some reaction.

We went through the over 400-page document and selected random symbols that have been used by the individuals running for various posts.

We have come across handcuffs, eyeglasses, marathoners, pills, injections, a marathoner, a tent, car battery, juice bottle, jerrycan, stethoscope, slingshot, facemask, a trumpet, the moonlight, a swimming floater, binoculars, gumboots, handbag, graduation hut, a bucket, and a hat.

Scroll through our gallery of 24 interesting symbols.

IEBC has started countrywide meetings with all aspirants for the upcoming polls, ahead of a clearance exercise set to begin in 11 days.

The commission published the names of 4,738 independents, seeking clearance to participate in the election.

They include 38 aspirants for president, 74 for governor and 108 for senators.

More than 7,200 independent candidates hope to be on the ballot as they were cleared by the Registrar of Political Parties.

They will present their documents to the commission for clearance to take part in the polls.

According to the general election regulations gazetted by Chebukati on January 20, the clearance of aspirants will be run from May 29 to June 7.

Campaigns for the purposes of the election will run immediately after clearance until August 6 – 48 hours to the poll.

“The campaign time shall run from 7 am to 6 pm during the campaign period,” the notice says.

“Political parties and candidates shall appoint and submit to the commission the names of one constituency tallying centre agent and polling station agents on or before Monday, July 25,” the notice said.

Also as a voter, you need to confirm your registration details.

Go to: https://verify.iebc.or.ke or text your ID or Passport number to 70000

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