• Her fiance said he wants them to get a baby girl 

• Benito meticulously planned the request with one caveat

Makeup guru Carey Priscilla said yes to fiance after a Mothers day proposal
Makeupartiste Carey Priscilla Makeup guru Carey Priscilla said yes to fiance after a Mothers day proposal

Akorino model and entrepreneur Carey Priscilla got the biggest surprise on Mothers day.

Her baby daddy Benito had planned to ask her to get baby number two, but she thought it was a marriage proposal.

In their latest youtube video,  Benito reveals that she had no idea about his plan.

"I'm very excited. Tumetoka far na yeye mbali sana and this is the day natia pete so guys stay tuned hayuko mbali."

Benito got Carey on the rooftop of the building that houses her salon, as she anxiously asked him what he is upto.

Benito also made sure Priscilla is blindfolded and guided to walk and stand infront of a banner indicating he will ask her to say yes.

When Priscilla's eyes were opened, Benito got on one knee, making her think it was a marriage proposal. 

"Babe I love you so much you havr been with me Yo u have been my babe tumekula shida na wewe All I want is one thing na naomba tuu unipee. Najua umenipee mtoto lakini I just need another. I love you babe All I want is , will you give me another baby? Please say yes," Benito said. 

He then told her 'please give me another baby please'. Please say yes babe.'

The model insisted that she wants Benito to marry her first before she agrees to have another baby.

"Remember I told you like I want a wedding before I get another baby?"

Benito assured her that he will treat her to a big marriage proposal in Dubai or somewhere else.

Pricilla argued that their son is still young and she is not ready to be a mother of two yet. 

Benito promised to propose to her in a year's time, insisting that he wants them to have another baby, a daughter. 

The model then accepted the proposal, saying the baby should be made when they are on a vacation. 

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