•Rachel told Ruto in a sermon that churches need prayers too.

• The DP was encouraged to stay the course.


arrive at Kibaki's burial
Deputy president William Ruto with Rachel Ruto arrive at Kibaki's burial

Deputy President William Ruto's wife Rachel on Thursday, May 5, 2022, told Kenyans to pray for the President that, God himself, wishes for this country.

Speaking at the Hustler's Mansion, Mrs Ruto also encouraged her husband William to have faith as he prays for the Presidency in the forthcoming General election.

"As we go to the elections, I know God is going to do us good. God has been reminding me that for a mother who is carrying a baby, the last trimester is the most important. In the last 3 months, anything could happen, you could lose that child because of something very small."

Rachel added, "I want to say that God is allowing us, these 3 months May, June and July to continue to push in prayer, continue to push in his word so that indeed Kenya can get the President that God desires."

Rachel gave a testimony about a miracle in Karen. She narrated a recent story of how her faith changed the borehole water in the Karen home.

I want to decree today and declare because of what God did, because of what God did to our water here in Karen the Lord is going to change your situation in whatever way and as I sat here this morning I know as a church and as the Clergy as men of God, you have gone through unprecedented times.

Especially post Covid, I know some churches have downsized, some churches maybe have had to close some churches have had to go rethink again but I want to say God is doing something new in the name of Jesus Christ anything that is not ours God is purifying your churches, you will never be the same again and thank you for coming to pray with us today because you have the country of Kenya at heart. Allow me to say thank you so much for praying for us thank you so much for praying for the Deputy president thank you so much for praying for the city of Nairobi and even for this nation."

Rachel was preaching about Elisha praying and performing a miracle and turning impurified water for the city of Jericho into something safe the people could drink.

'The Bible says Jericho looked pleasant it looked very good but the water was bad and the city was unproductive. Now the Bible says Elisha says bring me a newborn with salt in it. So they brought it to him then he went out to the spring that supplied the town with water and threw the salt into it. I have purified this water it will no longer cause death or infertility and the water has remained pure ever since just as Elisha said.'

The first lady explained in her sermon that doubting Thomases should change their minds.

"I shared that testimony just to tell you that nothing is impossible to God and as you go home, some of the things that you have wanted to do and maybe even as a man of God you've been doubting, go do and you will have a testimony because God is going to do for us. thank you '

Rachel spoke about how Churches have endured hardships more so in the Covid period and they need Kenyans support more than ever.

'Why am I saying this today? I want to give all the glory and honor to God. And to say that there is there is nothing that God cannot change Amen!!! There is nothing that God cannot change. Thank you for coming here this morning and I know as men of God there is alot of expectations of you We come to you for everything when we have problems in our homes we come to you when we have problems in everything, we come to you we come to you for prayers sometimes we forget that you are also human and that you also need God to come through for you.'

Rachel told the congregation that Kenya needs a leader/s who identify with and relates with God no matter where they are in life.

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