• Wamuratha is on the spot after alleging most Kiambu citizens are mentally unwell.

• Wamuratha is vying for the Kiambu Women Rep seat on a UDA ticket.

Aspiring Kiambu Women Rep Anne Muratha alias Wamuratha
Image: Facebook

Aspiring Kiambu Women Rep, Anne Muratha alias Wamuratha, is under fire after a video of her throwing cake at a crown emerged.

In the video, Wamuratha is seen throwing cake the way someone would scatter food at a brood of chickens and Kenyans are not impressed.

Although it is not clear whether the video is recent or not, Kenyans online feel disrespected.

This is because the aspiring politician recently stated that most Kiambu citizens are mentally challenged.

In a local television show, Wamuratha who was being interviewed alongside hopeful Murang’a Women Representative Waithera Muithirania said that, unlike other counties, most people in Kiambu County are grappling with insanity, a challenge she vowed to address should residents give her power through the ballot on August 9.

“People know the problem they face. If you ask me about Kiambu and if given the woman representative position, I would first deal with mental health issues. Residents are mentally unwell here,” she said.

These remarks might have made the video trend.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens;

@CouncillorNjohi: How do you throw food at people? Whatever Wamuratha did in Kiambu is the lowest moment in Kikuyu politics. UDA has turned our people into dogs.

@iamsajjj:  What is wrong with these UDAKU women reps?

Kiambu UDA women rep aspirant Anne Wamuratha throwing pieces of cake to people like you would throw food to dogs. Another red flag of what UDAKU leadership would look like.

@danyamah: Kikuyus in Kiambu deserve what Anne Wamuratha did to them. They've been embracing anything and everything UDA all in the name of punishing Uhuru Kenyatta.

@itsEssyPr: This is how Kikuyu women treat their men. They don't value them, no respect at all. But the problem is with the men.

They have given up their masculinity and accepted such kind of treatment.Ann wamuratha pretends to be fighting for boy child and this is how she treats them.

@GATHENYA: But that clip of Wamuratha throwing cake to wananchi in Ruiru is sad.

What became of us? Even as poor, mannerless ihíís in the village, we would be treated with some dignity na kuwekewa pilau kwa mkono! Food could not be thrown to us like that!

@paulinenjoroge: UDA’s Kiambu Woman Rep candidate Wamuratha undertakes a chicken feeding programme… oops! Meant a cake feeding programme.

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