• Sean Andrew's tribute was unique because it almost serves as an element that connects the mourners with the deceased.

• It’s also a way to make the deceased burial more personal and special for him.

Sean Andrews mum (in red coat) and Sean Andrew Leaving Lee funeral home
Image: Facebook

The late president Mwai Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew left many with tears in their eyes after he paid tribute to his guka.

Sean was called upon to shovel dirt into the grave of his grandpa as the last act of farewell. After he was done,  he handed over the shovel then took out a ring he was wearing on his pinky finger and threw it into the grave.

With his head bowed, he walked away with sadness engulfing him.

Watch the video below.

The practice of placing things in a casket of a lost loved one dates back centuries, as people often want to share the things that person loved with them as they go to their final resting place.

People normally bury items they used during their lives, like weapons or jewelry. Some religions even have the tradition of placing things over the casket, such as a cloth, a bible, or other religious symbols.

Flags and flowers are also often placed over the coffin. However, many mourners still doubt what kind of things they can place in their departed loved one’s caskets

Burying personal items also helps as a coping mechanism for grief. There’s something emotional about placing someone’s beloved items in their caskets.

It almost serves as an element that connects the mourners with the deceased.

It’s also a way to make the deceased burial more personal and special for everyone.

Here are some reactions from netizens.

alvan.love: What was that for 🥲 aki there is always a story underneath a story 😮 pole Andrew 🥲

_k.mani: Everything symbolic has a meaning, it doesn't have to understood by anyone just the affected ones.

bravo_bravs: Buana th.is happens only on elites..

iamjnjogu: Just a symbol, to say forever connected grandpa… ❤️❤️❤️ RIP

almarula: Si mnapenda muchene😂😂😂😂😂 it's only him who knows what that ring meant to him and his grandpa

chanel_pichu: I threw a gold chain to my grandmas grave too is a sigh of love ❤️

peace_c1: Just as you lay flowers he threw a ring it’s a no brainer.

cute_maryane: Culture - other throws even cloths and food msijifanye hamjui mila 😂😂😂😂😂😂

iamibrachi: Munashangaa ring, hata panty watu wanarusha....🏃🏃🏃😅😅 If you didn't connect with the dead when they were alive, you will never understand these 'theatrics'!!

kanysusan: I thought I was the only one who noticed buh I guess it's his respect

billyegon: He treasured the ring and he decided that his grandpa holds on it. No one knows the memories they shared.. stop the negativity.

_______shady_: Hyo ni Mambo ya familia hatuwezi ingilia

r_mwende_: Alafu na mjue Hii ni original thing Sio zile za 5000/- hapa tao

Watch: President Mwai Kibaki's funeral proceedings

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