•  "At that point, I was contented, no matter what the outcome would be,” Jalang'o said.

Comedian turned political aspirant Jalango
Image: Instagram

Aspiring politician, Jalang'o, has thanked his mum for her support while he was waiting for the ODM nominations results to be announced.

Jalas says his mum's assurance and prayers are what kept him going.

“Moments before the results were announced, I received a call from my mother. She told me she is praying for me. At that point, I was contented, no matter what the outcome would be,” he added.

He says that if his dad was still alive he would have been very proud of the man he has become.

“I let mum rest for the night. But as my team and I wrapped up the activities of the long night, I called my wife to tell her I crossed the first hurdle. That made me proud. But there is one person who would have been prouder. That is my late dad. I owe this to him,” he said.

According to Jalang’o, the perennial issues affecting locals in Lang’ata constituency will be his top agenda.

“Lack of water in areas such as Mugomo-Ini and other parts of the constituency will be addressed. Lang’ata is the home of the Nairobi Dam.  We had a sailing club in Lang’ata many years ago. We will get water for our people,” he added.

He decried the high level of pilferage and the rampant cartels who have held back the precious commodity from innocent Kenyans.

Jalang'o has proven time and again that where you come from doesn't determine who you become in the future.

He did not go to university after high school as his dad couldn't afford school fees. He started working as a fishmonger to make ends meet.

His hard work and resilience has has seen him rise to be among the most sought-after influencers, radio hosts, and MCs among other things.

He used to host The Morning Kiss before resigning in February 2022 to join politics. Congratulations on the nomination win Heavy J Baba.

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