• Jaguar is unhappy with the recent UDA nominations which he lost.
• Jaguar has pledged to run as an independent candidate in the August elections.

walking with his supporters
Jaguar walking with his supporters
Image: Instagram

Starehe MP, Charles Njagua aka Jaguar is an unhappy man right now. The musician complained bitterly in a recent rant after he was bundled out of the UDA nominations for the Starehe seat.

Jaguar had visited some of his supporters and expressed his thoughts on losing the nomination to former Kamukunji Mp, Simon Mbugua.

He said that the current DP, William Ruto, should give the seat he was offering Jaguar to Simon Mbugua's wife.

"I want to tell William Samoei Ruto without fear, that the other seat he was giving me, he should give to Mbugua's wife. You cannot remove me from the place where I was the seating MP to another distant place. I humbly request you give Simon's wife the seat cause he won't be winning the Starehe seat in August."

on stage
Jaguar on stage
Image: Mpasho

He concluded by urging his supporters to pray, saying,

"I hope that we can get together and pray because there is an enemy who wants to take us out. And if I run as an independent...We don't even know who is going to become the president. I will work with whoever will win the presidency. Isn't that the way?"

Check out the video below:

Jaguar's speech is a continuation of the fiery rhetoric he has been dishing out the past few days after he lost to Mbugua.

In a recent Facebook statement, Jaguar questioned democracy saying Starehe people were not given an opportunity to take part in the nominations.

"The people of Starehe were denied their democratic right to go to the ballot again for the nominations and choose their leader. The party decided to carry out opinion polls to decide whom to award the nomination certificate and it has been done. Could this be an outcome of certificates that started making rounds before nominations? Is democracy at stake here?"

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