• Lucy Kibaki is a woman who did not care what people thought about her

couple Lucy and Kibaki
couple Lucy and Kibaki
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Kenya's controversial former first lady Lucy Kibaki left remarkable moments, especially in politics. She was known as mother nature and those who encountered her pique described her as a "dramatic."

This was after she was angered by a security agent who introduced her by the name of a woman who was widely believed to be the late Mwai Kibaki's second wife.

Years before her death, Mrs. Kibaki had urged women to seek leadership positions aggressively, "I repeat, women should seek leadership aggressively." She believed that the only way men can give women a chance to do something is when women put pressure on them.  

Lucy Kibaki is also remembered for her funny comments and drama. "Yes ask now!" she said when Mwai Kibaki asked citizens to ask questions after talking about her as his only wife. Many said "Mama anapenda kubembelezwa (she loves being pampered)."

Lucy Kibaki back in 2005 also terrorised a former Nation media group writer over an article that was published in local dailies that she had stormed the home of the world bank country director during his farewell party demanding them to turn down the loud music.

Another memorable moment of Lucy Kibaki was when she chased photographers in the newsroom and got physical with those who tried taking photos of her (a warm slap landed on one of their faces).

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