• Jaguar regrets to having downplayed rumors that the ticket will be given to someone else.

Image: Facebook

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has suffered a big blow after losing the UDA party ticket to former Kamukunji MP, Simon Mbugua.

In a statement on Facebook, Jaguar questioned democracy saying Starehe people were not given an opportunity to take part in the nominations.

Jaguar added that he regrets having downplayed rumours that the ticket will be given to someone else.

"The people of Starehe were denied their democratic right to go to the ballot again for the nominations and choose their leader.

The party decided to carry out opinion polls to decide whom to award the nomination certificate and it has been done.

Could this be an outcome of certificates that started making rounds before nominations? Is democracy at stake here?"

He promised to discuss with the people of Starehe to look for a way forward as he had not given up on the race yet.

"I will be holding discussions with the people of Starehe and deciding on the way forward. The voice of the people matters.#Hatubadilishi."

In another post, Jaguar wondered why haters were mocking him yet delay is not denial. Jaguar added that he will not allow any intimidation to bring him down.

"We don't decide our destiny and fate. I am a testament of God's favour and doings. I am seeing people mocking me because the UDA nominations certificate was not issued to me but they have no idea how far I have come to be where I am now.

There is no level of intimidation that will take me back down. When one door closes another one definitely opens up."

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