• Uhuru Kenyatta was upset with leaders who only pointed out issues without stating their solutions.
• Uhuru Kenyatta's second term has been riddled with record fuel prices, record food prices, and a general rise in the cost of living.

at State House
Uhuru Kenyatta at State House
Image: State House Press Corp

Uhuru Kenyatta believes that teachers should be praising him for his record as the president.

Mr. Uhuru revealed this mindset during a speech he made at the 45th Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) annual national conference held at the Sheikh Zayed Hall in Mombasa.

The head of state noted that leaders were quick at pointing out problems while not offering any practical answers to them.

“The biggest problem that we have in this country is that leaders are good at identifying problems, but not able to offer solutions. So if they see an issue in the media, you see them calling for a press conference to lament about prices of maize, fuel prices."


“You are looking for leadership, why don’t you first try and solve that problem with what you have. You go out there screaming at the top of your voice. Why do you want to be a leader then?”

With record fuel prices, record food prices, and a general rise in the cost of living, Uhuru took it upon himself to praise his own legacy.

“I have helped you a lot.. I’ve hired teachers, raised your salaries, provided you with insurance… direct your noise to the incoming government, but for me, I deserve your praise and claps,” he said in Swahili.

“We have set the foundation, others will build." he finished.

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