•Chepkorir overtook her 10 other contestants gaining most of the total votes.

• Bomet governor Hillary Barchok was also in the firm lead during the nominations.

in a file photo
Linet Chepkorir in a file photo
Image: The-Star

24-year-old Linet Chepkorir, has emerged as the winner of the United Democratic Alliance(UDA) ticket in the primary nominations that took place last night.

Toto as many people know her is the youngest aspirant of any political seat in the whole of Bomet County.

But that hasn't stopped the Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from Chuka University from winning the prized Bomet Woman Representative ticket.

“For a long time, women and youth have been condemned when seeking elective positions across the country. It is a narrative we are seeking to turn around and enable all of us – the rich and the poor – to compete on an even playground based on ideas and manifestos,” she told the Nation in a past interview.

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